Fredd thinks both for you, and with you.

As a platform based on the never-ending search for excellent food, this application will help both restaurants and diners convey and refine their subjective experiences.

Take a glimpse into
a restaurant’s soul

With Fredd, you’ll be able to delve into the hearts and minds of those painting the culinary masterpieces before you.

Jeanette ‘’Wildfire’’ Arnold

Executive pastry chef

Upon completing her formal education at the New England Culinary Institute, Arnold joined as a line, sous, then became Head Chef for Joël Robuchon’s L’atelier in Vegas and New York.

Antonie ’’Bismarck’’ Bochelli


Mary ‘’Curly’’ Kate


You are each
other’s best
third opinion

Both your opinions and preferences will help your diners-in-arms forge new or strengthen existing palates as we each embark on our own gastronomic paths.

Gitane Restaurant & Bar

Geoffrey & 53 Friends

What People Like


Pasta Bologneze


Intimate setting


Seasonal ingredients


Biodynamic wine selection

Send beautiful

You, coupled with Fredd’s guidance, will get to explore the best this world’s canvas of taste hasto offer; share these possibilities with loved ones, business associates, or acquaintances, old and new.


Contemporary Brazilian Dec 31 08:30 PM

“Bring a bottle of your 2009 Pauillac, I’ll take care of the food.”

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